So this time next month will be Boxong Day! All the Christmas Day festivities we planned for will have hopefully gone well, with everyone enjoying themselves, the afternoon naps, the few squabbles! The forgotton batteries for those toys Santa brought! And off course a lot of food, and in the Mrs Bun household the Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without Grandma Buns Christmas Pudding…I don’t even know the recipe, she keeps a tight hold of it! But we love it…so this Sunday Grandma Bun will be making her pudding, as many others will be too..


As this Sunday is ‘Stir It Up Sunday’ have you heard of it?

What it is?

It goes all the way back to Victorian Times. The term comes from a prayer said in the Church, which begins

“Stir-up, we beseech thee, O Lord,” It reminds people to start stirring and making up their Christmas pudding. This means the puddings flavours can intensify and mature before Christmas Day. The day chosen is the Sunday before Advent starts. So this is the Sunday 5 weeks before Christmas, normally falling between the 20-26th November, so this Sunday is the earliest it can be.

It is a time for the family to gather, each one giving the pudding a stir and making a wish for the year ahead. I remember my mum making the pudding for Christmas and there always used to be a coin in it. It is said putting in a coin brings wealth and happiness to the person that receives it. Do you know I cannot remember if I ever got it! Although today I may not advise putting a coin in, chipped or broken teeth isn’t what you need on Christmas Day.

I know we all seem to be short of time, but maybe if you have time this year, maybe make a Christmas pudding today, getting the family involved, but maybe no coins! Then maybe get a little more festive and put a movie on! We have already watched Santa Claus, Snowman, Snowman and Snowdog….ooooh so I think it may be Arthur Christmas later today!

Mrs Bun the Baker xx


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